Fix you!!!

Whilst watching the ABC News coverage of the latest terrorist¬†attacks in London I was struck by this overwhelming feeling of sadness, I looked over to my young daughter and I thought ‘you’re having to grow up in a world filled with violence and hate’ it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Before changing the channel over to the cartoons the ABC cut to coverage of the One Love concert in Manchester where Cold Play was singing Fix you; it was an amazing image of thousands of people singing along to a song that I can only imagine represents hope and love for so many of us. It was at this point that the sadness I had felt turned into appreciation as I thought how absolutely incredible the human race can be, amongst so much tragedy and unrest we can come together as complete strangers to unite as one.

We need to remember what we are capable of, when we put our differences aside and stand together for a cause we become so much stronger and there is nothing in this world we cannot face if we face it united!!!! 


Unite – “come or bring together for a common purpose or action” (Oxford dictionary)