It all starts with FRIENDS.

We all say we go through things that inevitably change who we are. Good friends of mine recently reminded me that it isn’t our experiences that change us instead it’s the way we let those experiences dictate our lives. Instead of allowing ourselves to be broken why not look at it as an opportunity to become stronger. There will always be moments that try to break us, people who can tear us down with just one word or a certain kind of glance and yet the one consistent thing we all have in our corners is our best pals who will take our hand, open a glass of wine, feed us chocolate or share a pint of ice-cream and everything in the world will be alright because you have each other.

when talking about friendship there is always one quote that comes to mind for me and it comes from none other than the one woman who at some point we have all idiolised or wanted to be and thats Oprah Winfrey she said once that;

“lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

Could it not get anymore clearer than that, friendship isn’t about grand gestures or solving your life’s problems in one simple deep and meaningful, true friendship is about the little things; being there when everyone else turns away, answering the phone regardless of the time. Friendship is the one thing in life we can hang on to as no matter what direction we head or the journeys we take, close friends are always there to walk beside us.

As the years pass by I have been blessed with many amazing frienships ones that continue on for years and span many miles, others that have come and gone. I have learnt valuable lessons from all of them and shared many glorious memories and full belly laughs.

At this particular point in my life I am incredibly lucky to have a close friendship with two women who absolutely inspire me with their elegance and compassion, although I am the youngest I am never made to feel any different, ironically it is me that tends to play the sober or ‘big sister’ role only because being 100 percent honest I’m a complete lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

This friendship truly deserves a name like ‘the dream team or perhaps the elegant trio’ as it is a friendship that continually changes and rolls on with every new adventure always full of love, support and honesty even if at times we are told things we may not wish to hear.

When we get together and let our hair down it can truly be a sight to behold! We bring the elegance and grace wherever we go, we upstage groups of innocent dancers without even trying, we comment on the fashion disasters where bottom ‘cheeks’ poke out and a hint of boob becomes in your face boobs, and grown men try to squeeze themselves into skinny leg teenage jeans, honestly when will they learn…

Spending nights with these women is absolutely amazing, we’ve all learnt how to scan a room, be the perfect wingman but most of all how to enjoy each others company and live every moment to the full.

Friendship, shared experiences, and wonderful memories truly is what helps us get through life.

So heres to friendship may we all be blessed with amazing ones.